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Curb Appeal to Boost Your Home Value

Can you really get the curb appeal to boost your home value? The answer is yes, curb appeal and interesting landscape design can give your home a little bump in value. We used to have a family landscaping business on Grand Island and we often did small and large jobs for people trying to sell their homes. They were looking for small changes that would help give a great first impression, which is so important when people are searching for their new dream home.

Perennials and potted plants add a lot of evergreen stability to a garden or walkway.

One the most basic things that you can do is focus on getting a luscious green lawn. By spending $300 with a lawncare professional to treat your lawn you can expect to gain $1000 in resale value. A bright green lawn gives the buyer a sense of security because in their minds the image of the perfect house has a solid green foundation, whether they realize it or not. You can start with seed or sod for a quicker turnaround if necessary.

A nice lawn can seal the deal!

Another area that has a huge impact is your overall landscape design. Especially if you are in a suburban development with similarly built houses you need to do everything you can to stand out. A unique or interesting bedding design off the walkway or around the porch, possibly with naturally flowing curved edges, will set you apart from the competition and the neighbors.

Even in a smaller city space an enclosed deck with planters can go a long way.

I will talk about some good ways of softscaping in a few upcoming articles so for now the best hardscaping ideas are for a new patio or wood deck. It may cost a little more upfront (the national average is around $5,000) but it will potentially come back to you plus some in the sale. People like to envision themselves as having a life outside of their house and their yard being a bonus extension of their personal space. Whether it’s adding a little space for a few chairs off the front porch or adding a long deck off the back door, decks and patios can give you a lot of bang for you buck.

Watch out for new upcoming blogs and vlogs on BuffaloHomesToday. Right now is the season to be paying attention to curb appeal and maybe get some of the gardening done.


Realtor and investor Joshua M. Smith grew up in Buffalo, NY and lived in Japan for 13 years. After receiving his doctorate in cultural sociology in Osaka he returned to Western New York with his wife and 2 children.  Together they have...

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